Kitchen remodels are a huge undertaking. And, naturally, they can feel overwhelming and aimless at times. There is so much to do, so much to manage, so many moving parts and choices and orders and priorities… it’s a wonder these people on TV make it look so easy.

The truth is, kitchen remodels are not easy. They are tiresome and time-consuming. No to mention, they require expertise and precision—which, many homeowners (most, actually) simply do not have. That’s ok! Here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, we do.

Now, as experts in the home renovation industry, we know there are key elements of a properly constructed and decorated home. With regard to the kitchen, specifically, there are four areas of focus you want to zero-in on:

The cabinets
Of course, we recommend cabinet replacement when addressing a kitchen remodel. They are, after all, the main focus of any kitchen large or small, finished or unfinished. You see, a kitchen can not—and will never—be a finished kitchen with outdated or inoperable cabinets. Here are a few option suggestions for you:

  • Shaker cabinets. This style is the most common and looks great in the country chic home, as well as traditional, cottage, and luxe homes.
  • White on white. Great in any space with any design—if you want that spa-like, serene look throughout your home, shades of white are the way to go.
  • Louvered. Beachy, traditional, and eclectic homes look great with this option.
  • Flat. Great for mid-century modern, modern, and minimalist designs.

The countertops
The taller surfaces in your kitchen are right in line with where the eye naturally gazes—the countertops. The nicer your countertops and the more spacious the surface, the more often you will use them. That’s just how it works. Here are some options to consider:

  • Granite. This stone is natural, durable, and gorgeous—and it dominated the kitchen scene for years. Note: one drawback (according to some homeowners) is that it’s porous. So, liquids, wines, oils, etc. can seep into the tiny pores. However, this can be resolved with a sealant.
  • Quartz. This is a high-end alternative to granite. It is non-porous (so, it’ll never need to be resealed), and highly resistant to stains.
  • Concrete. You read that right—concrete. This has become extremely popular over the years for a rustic, hardy look, with a unique look.
  • Butcher block. Now, you wouldn’t want to choose this for your entire kitchen space—but this is a wonderful, attractive addition to a center island or stretch of countertop near your stove. Perfect for food prep!

If you are ready to kick-off your kitchen remodel project for your kitchen remodeling in Mission Viejo, CA home—we hope you reach out to our team of professionals here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond! We would love to assist you in your home’s transformation!   


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