Kitchen remodels may be one of the top three most stressful types of remodels a homeowner can experience. Why? Well, for starters—it is expensive. Further, there is so much plumbing and electrical stuff to work around, many will put off a kitchen remodel as long as they can.

We get it. The experts here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond have been in the kitchen remodeling industry for decades. Our team knows how much work can go into a remodel and the exact kind of stressors homeowners feel when it comes to choosing wisely. So, to help put your mind at ease, let’s walk through the steps of your pending remodel together, shall we?

Have a plan
First, you must have a plan. Do not worry, you do not have to draw up blueprints or sketches—you just need to know what problem areas you want to address. Are your kitchen cabinets outdated or dysfunctional? Are they too small or too few? Replacing them needs to be added to your plan. Are your countertops old and made of laminate? Add replacing them to your list, too. Look around and take note—and that is your plan.

Hire a professional
If your plan includes more than painting the walls and replacing a light fixture, please hire a professional. You will save time and money by allowing our team to handle the installation of your new cabinets, countertops, flooring, a breakfast bar, a backsplash, range hood(s), center islands, etc.

Add a backsplash
Some refer to the backsplash as the “design leader” because it often sets the kitchen’s tone. Want a pop of color or a unique, wild pattern that represents your personality? The backsplash is the perfect way to let your design aesthetic shine! And, whatever you choose, the backsplash will be dual-functioning: it will protect the space above your range from oil spatters and stand as an attractive focal point.

Keep plumbing where it already is
If possible, leave the plumbing as-is. There are some homeowners who want (and can afford) an entire rearrangement of everything in their space. Though, most of us can not and do not want to spend the kind of money it takes to reroute plumbing. Further, messing with plumbing can be a long, drawn-out job. If you are unhappy with your kitchen layout, our team can help you reconfigure without tampering with this.

This article may only have helped your stress level a bit. That’s ok! Once you have made your plan in Anaheim, CA kitchen remodeling come visit us here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond—our showroom will help get your creative wheels turning. Here, you can look, touch, ask, and test our products to see what will work and look best in your kitchen. We are here Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday by appointment only. Don’t stress and come see us!


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