Not everyone has the budget to remodel an entire kitchen space in one weekend. We are inundated with television shows and magazine articles which show us before-and-after transformations that look effortless, easy, fast, and inexpensive. The truth is, a kitchen remodel is a lot of work. It is time intensive, tedious, and pricey—especially if your goal is to have it completed as quickly as the television shows portray it to be.

Let’s be real. The majority of us have to take smaller steps and spend a little here and a little there to get the job done. So, if you’re like the “majority,” the professionals here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond want to help guide you the right way. Keep reading to learn the small steps to take that will protect your budget and get you moving toward a brand-new kitchen!

Take inventory of what needs replacing
This step is free. Stand in your kitchen and look around. Open your kitchen cabinets and inspect them. Turn in a few circles and decide if your kitchen layout really makes sense for your use. Jot down a few notes of your findings, for example:

  • Kitchen cabinets are deteriorating near the stove
  • Fridge placement makes more sense on the other side of the room
  • Countertops are worn and appear cheap

This list will help keep you on track when the time comes to begin remodeling.

Install new lighting
This step is financially small. First, you need to replace your old lighting fixture with something oversized or unique. In the kitchen, you want as much light as you can get. The fixture you choose will help to create a clear vision for the remodel. So, if you choose a modern chandelier, you have a clear direction—a chic design. If you choose a large pendant light—a mid-century modern or a country chic design. If you choose a brushed nickel ceiling light—a traditional/classic design.  

Paint walls a new fresh color
This is another financially small step. Choose a color you know you’ll love for years and years. Something neutral and light usually works best. Of course, you can choose whatever you want but light, neutral color options are very versatile—they’ll evolve with your kitchen well.

New cabinets
Here’s where the pros come in. If you live here in Fullerton, CA kitchen remodeling, our team at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond can help you find the perfect cabinets for your space—and we’ll install them for you. Remember: you actually save money and time when you let experts take care of this part!

New countertops
Between the countertops and the kitchen cabinets, your space will become brand-new right before your eyes. We often recommend quartz countertops for kitchen remodels because it’s non-porous, durable, and stunning. Plus, it comes in all sorts of shades and veining so you can get the exact look you want.

Remember, you do not have to remodel your kitchen in one quick weekend! Guard your finances and take one step at a time—and let the pros at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond help you!

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