Your kitchen is one of the most versatile spaces in the home. It is central to everything you do, every gathering you organize, and every holiday you celebrate. Further, it is the space where your family’s personality and function collide into a happy balance of cooking, loving, and memory making. Here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, we know how important the color palette is in creating the right space—so let’s check out a few ideas together!

The white kitchen
Whether you dress the entire space in white or work-in an accent color, you can’t go wrong with the all-white kitchen. Our brains process white spaces as clean, open, and spacious (even if your kitchen is none of these things…)—so, your guests (and you) are instantly put at ease. Further, the white kitchen with its lively white cabinets and white subway tile backsplashes and stainless-steel accents are timeless, so you can be sure to love your kitchen for years to come.

The gray kitchen
Oh, how I love the color gray. If my husband would allow it, I would have gray everything: gray cabinets, gray kitchen chairs, gray bedspread and sofas… I just love this color. Anyway, gray kitchens are not simply a passing trend (or just my favorite color)… The versatility of the color gray is its ability to be warm or cool. So, you can easily pair gray flat cabinetry with warm, deep brown butcher board counter tops, or white marble and a pale blue backsplash. Really, it’s up to you. (I vote for gray!)

The dark wood kitchen
This is timeless. Traditional style kitchens look stunning with deep cherry wood inlet cabinets and black granite countertops. Just picture it. Beautiful. A word to the wise, though: smaller kitchens aren’t the best space for dark cabinets (they tend to make the space appear even smaller).

The contemporary “yellow pop” kitchen
Okay, yellow accents have replaced the popular red accents in the kitchen. This color is bright and fun! You can add yellow appliances, yellow hand towels, or even a yellow backsplash to a light gray, white, or off-white palette for a happy vibe in the kitchen. If you’re a retro-style lover, you could even add yellow cabinets (of any style) to the lower cabinets in the room!

The teal kitchen (note: NOT girlie)
The color teal is incorrectly deemed a “girlie” color—it’s totally androgynous! Teal is this perfect blend of blues and greens and goes with nearly any cabinet style and countertop. Here are a handful of stunning looks for those aspiring to create The Teal Kitchen:

  • Teal cabinets with butcher block counters
  • White beadboard cabinets with a bright teal backsplash, a teal wall clock, and teal handtowels
  • Flat white wall cabinets and matching flat teal floor cabinets with stainless steel countertops for a deliciously retro space
  • A minty-teal paint on the walls with cream wood cabinets in a traditional style and brushed nickel hardware

Want more color palette ideas like these for your Newport Beach, CA kitchen remodeling, home? Come visit the kitchen remodel pros here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond and let’s brainstorm together!


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