Are you the cook in your household? If so, chances are strong that you have a wish list for your kitchen. Let’s be honest—no one wants to prepare a feast (or a quick dinner for the kids) in an ugly or dysfunctional kitchen. So, what is less-than-lovely in yours?

Here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, we specialize in fixing ugly kitchens. Over the years and through working with thousands of homeowners in Fullerton, CA kitchen cabinets, our experts have identified three key features that can transform your outdated (a.k.a. ugly) kitchen into a beautiful, functional space.

If you currently have laminate flooring from the late 1980s, it has to go. Your kitchen will not be beautiful—no matter what else you upgrade—with yellowing, beaten up, outdated flooring. These days there are affordable options that are stunning, durable, and high-quality:

Kitchen cabinets
Your kitchen’s cabinets take up the most real estate in the room; therefore, they can not be unattractive, outdated, or unusable. Unusable means: too high to reach, too small to house your kitchenware, poorly placed, deteriorating, or broken. Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond has every style, color, and material you can dream of to replace and renovate your kitchen. Whether you want ice white shaker, pepper shaker, brownstone, gramercy white, flat, louvered, or a custom-made style—we can do it.

Cabinet & drawer hardware
Sometimes a small change can make all the difference. Maybe your cabinets are in great shape and in the right shade—but their hardware (knobs and pulls) look out-of-date. Get rid of that tarnished, old-fashioned hardware and look into brushed nickel, classy brass, porcelain, or even wrought-iron. Also, changing the shape of your cabinet and drawer hardware can completely change the overall look of your kitchen. Here are some examples:

  • Shapeshifters. Geometric shapes are becoming a thing. Flat-faced circle knobs and V-shaped handles are very cool in a mid-century modern or minimalistic kitchen.
  • Long, skinny pulls. These are modern and yet, somehow, still traditional. And, in the last several years this style has become a homeowner’s go-to.
  • Oversized decorative knobs. Drawer and cabinet knobs are a fun way to add color and depth to your space. You can really get creative and shift the room from Plain Jane to country chic or contemporary without spending an arm and leg.
  • Cup pulls. These can be delicate and vintage—without being too feminine. This style is pretty unique and more often found on bedroom dressers. But, they look great in the kitchen, too!

Are you ready to meal prep or have the in-laws over for dinner in a kitchen you love? We want to partner with you and co-design your space! Give us a call here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond so you can stop cooking in an ugly kitchen!

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