The TV cooking shows we are all accustomed to watching have inspired a generation of chefs, meal-preppers, and wannabe food network critics. Regular people like you and me are interested in creating 5-star culinary creations for our friends and family for even the most casual of gatherings. These days, making restaurant-quality food has become increasingly easier as the high-tech appliances become more and more mainstream and while huge chunks of the population absorb the recipes and techniques being shared on national television, daily.

If you’re looking to amp-up your cooking game, we here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond in Coto de Caza, CA have some awesome tips to steer you in the direction of Chopped Masters-esque competitions—and it all centers around your kitchen!

If your kitchen is less than functional and is holding you back from the chef-like talent inside of you, that needs to be addressed! Keep reading for our top 4 suggestions for a Chef-Worthy kitchen!

  1. A versatile cooktop range
    Real-deal cooks are multi-taskers. That said, a high-quality cooktop range is a must. What this does for you is it allows you to take on several pots and pans at a time without causing fluxes in temperature!
  2. Ample counter space
    You need the space to create and make a mess. Your “mise en place” depends on it. So, how are your counters faring for you right now? If you don’t have enough room, that’s an easy fix (believe it or not)! And, while you’re looking into adding surface space, we can look at Quartz countertops together! Quartz is winning in the aesthetics and durability departments; you can’t go wrong.

  3. Crazy good cabinets
    I’m sure cabinets aren’t the first thing that come to mind when you’re planning out how you’re going to feed a gathering of 40 people—but, they do play a huge role in your successful cooking experiences! You need the storage space to house all your fancy gadgets, so you don’t clutter up your counters. Plus, all those specialty ingredients will have to go somewhere…

  4. Convection oven
    Ovens have come a long way in the last decade. A convection oven is one that has fans to circulate air. This distributes heat evenly around your food and removes the pocket of cooler air which surrounds it when first placed in the oven. Many wannabe chefs have turned to convection ovens for several reasons:
  • Perfect their creations: roasts, meringues, quiche, sous vide, etc.
  • Better heat transference for more evenly cooked food
  • Better, faster results (estimated 20-25% faster!) at lower temps
  • More cooking modes

When it comes to kitchen design in Coto de Caza, CA, professional chefs aren’t all that different from you and me. They want space to create and the best, most efficient features they can! To get your kitchen ready for your future Top Chef inspired meals, give the team here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond a call and let’s do a bit of remodeling!


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