We are all “top interior designers” in our own minds. But, do you really know what’s best for your space’s aesthetics? Sure, you watch HGTV and scroll Pinterest in the evenings—but, there are very specific design upgrades that are sure to improve the ambiance in your Anaheim, CA kitchen without breaking the bank! And, our team here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond wants to help guide you!

Let’s check out these 4 tips to for successfully remodeling a beautiful modern kitchen!

  1. Be aware of how you want to use your kitchen
    There’s no bigger waste of money than the money spent on a kitchen remodel that doesn’t function well for your specific needs. Here’s how you assess your kitchen BEFORE you dive into a full-on remodel:
  • Critique the layout. How do you wish it was organized? Does the placement of the fridge make sense in proximity to your countertop space? How about the stove—it is where it makes the most sense? Layout is one of the biggest problems homeowners have with their kitchens because it simply doesn’t serve them, operationally.
  • How many cooks are in the family? This is important. For a one-cook family, there is an ideal amount of “pathway” space for optimal function: 36 inches between countertop/island, countertop/ wall, etc. For a two-cook family, you’ll want a wider berth: 42-48 inches.
  1. Sleek finishes
    Stainless-steel appliances and glossy cabinets help to create a modern look in the kitchen. Perhaps it’s the high-tech looking kitchens we’ve grown accustomed to seeing on HGTV and The Food Network? There’s just something crisp and impressive about this look!
  2. Eye-catching light fixtures
    Please, do yourself a favor and get rid of those fluorescent rectangle lights above you—they are outdated! Consider some of these ideas to replace it:
  • Island lights. These horizontal drop lights are an eye-catcher and definite upgrade to your space!
  • Chandelier. A classic that doesn’t have to look old-world.
  • Track lighting. A 4-light fixed track light is perfect for a galley kitchen!
  • Flush mounts. These can range from industrial looking to mid-century modern.
  1. Wood flooring
    There is something about the natural characteristic of wood which lends itself to sophistication, aged charm, and an at-home comfort. Our wood flooring options here at KCB are rich and timeless. And, they are created by name-brand manufacturers. Check out some of our wood flooring style options:
  • Classic Hardwood. Elegant materials such as ash, beech, birch, cherry, elm, hickory, maple, oak, pine, and walnut.
  • Exotic Hardwood. Offers the largest spectrum of color options and unique detail.
  • Hand-scraped Hardwood. Composed of hand-altered planks with unique irregularities (not found even in exotic woods).
  • Wire-brushed Hardwood. A surface treatment which removes the soft-grain of wood and leaves the remaining with an antique and weathered look.

Ready to be a “top designer” with our pros here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond? If your kitchen cabinets in Anaheim, CA could use a few changes to become a truly modern space, give us a call today!

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