Colors make a huge difference in the home. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of design experts out there who tell us that color choice is important, color complementing is crucial, and color balance is key. Now, many of us accept that color choice is paramount in the bedroom, the living room, even the bathroom. But how much consideration have you given to color in your kitchen?

We’re already halfway through 2018, but let’s go over the color trends for this years, anyway. Sound good?

The failproof “color” of the last decade for kitchen cabinetry. White cabinets are a staple in modern and contemporary designs because they are timeless, and they brighten up and create a larger look for any kitchen.

Gray is perfect because it can be both warm and cool, to complement the other colors in your space. This color is considered the “new neutral” and can be implemented in various ways:

  • Kitchen cabinets—gray makes quite a statement in cabinetry; very sleek and sophisticated.
  • Flooring—have you seen the gray-washed wood and faux wood flooring? Beautiful.
  • Backsplashes—it’s quite an eye catcher to have cool gray subway tiles instead of the typical white ones.
  • Lighting fixtures—gray industrial piping is very
  • Furniture—bar stools with gray chevron seat fabric, anyone?

Bleached woods
Wood finishes are never going away—they’re too dang gorgeous! Bleached wood hues have made a comeback in the kitchen, likely due to the uniquely striking appearance. To see wood grain in a slightly-less-than-natural shade is attention-grabbing, to say the least. And, for cost-savings, there are veneers and laminate options available that are very, very good quality (for those on a tight budget!).

Bright appliances and utensils
Due to the return of retro-inspired designs (yay!), colorful appliances have hit the market. Most appliances come in basic white, silver, or black. Because of this, many homeowners typically present colors via other finishes and materials in the space, like the floors, cabinets, countertops, etc. With more and more homeowners looking for interesting ways to make their kitchens unique, kitchen appliances have become a way to introduce pops of color! For those looking to tie-in bold colors without committing fully, check out these ideas:

  • Bright red retro refrigerator—wouldn’t that be fun?!
  • Hot pink toaster—for the girlie girls!
  • Lime green spatulas and ladles—green is such a happy color…
  • Banana yellow ranges—again, with the happy colors…
  • Mint green dishwasher—just like grandma used to have!
  • Navy ovens—the hot color trending this year
  • Bright teal hand towels—perfectly androgynous
  • Plum purple vases and bins for storage—earthy and feminine

What colors are you looking to add to your Anaheim Hills, CA home this year? Should you decide to change your kitchen cabinets in Anaheim Hills, CA, the team here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond would love to work with you—give us a call!

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