There are at least a handful of goals for every great kitchen design: usability, efficiency, aesthetic appeal… I could list a lot here. But, easily the most important goal for any homeowner with regard to the kitchen: timelessness. No one wants to have to update the kitchen every 5-10 years, right? So, perhaps instead of following the latest trend, you may want to aim for a timeless approach to your kitchen remodel plans.

At Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond in Coto de Caza, CA, our team is highly knowledgeable in remodeling “dos and don’ts.” And, we have decided to highlight for you five kitchen designs that are TOTALLY out of date! Read on!

  1. Dark brown finishes
    Of course, there are a few exceptions to this. But, cleaner and light aesthetics have taken over in the kitchen for quite some time, now. Why? Lighter, brighter hues such as white, cream, and light gray—especially with regard to cabinets—make your kitchen space appear larger, more spacious, and inviting.
  2. Prehistoric appliances
    You know if this applies to your kitchen without me describing what I mean by “prehistoric.” Upgrading your appliances will only add good things to your home and your daily life, namely:
  • Faster, smoother cooking
  • Better energy efficiency
  • An upgraded look in the kitchen
  • (Often times) added space
  1. Bad lighting
    The kitchen is NOT the place to have poor lighting. Well, there really are no rooms where dim lights are preferred… But, in the kitchen—you need to be able to see! Listen to me: that awful boxy light fixture with fluorescent tube bulbs has to go. Truly, it doesn’t cost much to upgrade your kitchen lighting. We can add a chandelier, pocket lights, dimmers, etc.
  2. Tile & grout
    Oh, the 80s. When everything was 4”x4” tiles and heavy, unattractive grout. Small tiles like that have been out for a long time (and, I’m personally hoping they don’t come back 20 years from now). If you love tile (and so do we!), know that the larger tiles are the easiest to clean and most timeless choice!
  3. Inoperable cabinets (or, ugly ones…)
    You really can not function or feel at home in a kitchen with bad cabinets, no matter how skilled of a cook you believe you are. Inoperable or “ugly” can mean:
  • Too small
  • Too large
  • Configured in a weird arrangement
  • Broken hardware
  • Chipping paint or stain
  • Warping
  • Dark, old stain
  • Broken door/frame

The goal in your kitchen is to make it timeless, efficient, and aesthetically appealing. Let’s start with these five tips and branch out from there when you’re ready Take a good, honest look at your kitchen cabinets in Coto de Caza, CA and decide if it is outdated and ready for an upgrade. Then, give the folks here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond a call! We will be thrilled to visit with you to discuss the upgrades that will transform your kitchen space!

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