The Most Important Aspects of a Kitchen Remodel Project

If you’re ready to have your Laguna Nigel, CA kitchen remodeled, there are five important things to focus on to make sure you get the exact kitchen you’ve always wanted.   

Of course, there are basic remodel projects which include small changes over time, and if that’s what the budget allows, you’re in in the majority. But, for the full effect, you’ll want to make sure to do the following—all at once or bit by bit.  laguna nigel ca kitchen cabinets and kitchen remodeling

 Choose the Right Experts 

 First and most importantly, choosing the right person for the job is essential. Homeowners who have little to no experience in renovation need to turn to experts backed by warranties on their work and their products. Find a company with a great reputation that has the following credentials:  

  • Years of experience in kitchen remodeling.  
  • Warranties with clearly outlined details that cover work, contractual agreements, and products. This includes manufacturer warranties, details regarding transferrable clauses, etc.  
  • Great online reviews.  
  • A website.  
  • Proof of recently completed projects.  
  • A showroom (preferred) with examples of products and workmanship.  
  • Kind, professional staff.  


Cabinets take up the most space in the kitchen, so they need to be in good condition and attractive. Also, a significant portion of the renovation budget will need to be earmarked for them. Homeowners who know all about their options have the smoothest time choosing the right style and material for their space. In general, there are three categories of cabinets:  

  • Modern  
  • Traditional  
  • Vintage 

 Within these three categories are a lot of options. But, it would be wise to first choose the category that best matches the kitchen look you’re trying to create and move forward from there. Here is a short list of some of today’s most popular options:  

  • Modular cabinets in a light hue with slab front, full-overlay doors and metal pulls (modern).  
  • Raised panel cabinets in cream or light tan with matching knobs (traditional).  
  • Beadboard cabinetry with distressed detail and minimal ornamentation (vintage).  

Floorplan and Layout  

 Open concept kitchens have been in high demand for several years. This inclusive floorplan makes for better usage of the space and a more enjoyable overall home environment. Unfortunately, for many homeowners, renovating a closed kitchen to an open one requires major changes in electrical routing and plumbing. Of course, this significant kind of a transformation requires a professional and should be executed after much planning. The layout of the kitchen needs to make sense for the occupants’ specific use of the kitchen, the preferred sightlines, and the structure of the home.  


The kitchen gets a lot of traffic, so the flooring choice is very important. It needs to be durable and complementary to the space. The most popular options include:  

  • Hardwood  
  • Porcelain tile 
  • Vinyl 
  • Cork  
  • Laminate  


A kitchen isn’t complete without proper lighting. Depending on the size and layout of the kitchen, you may need to choose more than one lighting option to make sure your space is equipped for your family’s doings. Consider all options:  

  • Central lighting fixtures  
  • Recessed lighting  
  • Under cabinet lighting  
  • Accent lighting  
  • Track lighting  
  • Dimmers 
  • Inside cabinet lighting  

Our experts here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond can’t wait to work with you on your Laguna Nigel kitchen remodeling endeavors. Come, see our showroom to gather ideas, located at 2910 E La Palma Ave Ste B, Anaheim, CA 92806. Or, to set up an in-home consultation, call our team at (714) 630-0477.  

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