The 4 Features Homebuyers Want

What the homebuyer is looking for in 2018 can range from a variety of key features. But, at the top of the list are spacious laundry rooms, functional outdoor living spaces, extra exterior lighting, and remodeled kitchens in Irvine, CA. If you’re selling your home, check out this list of home features in high demand.  

 #1: Spacious Laundry Rooms   

 This feature will attract buyers with large families, which is particularly important for larger homes listed on the market. The bigger this room, the less stress the never-ending task of keeping the home in order will be. If possible, make sure your laundry room is equipped with space for all the essentials before listing:  

  • Hamper space.  
  • An area for folding clothes.  
  • Space to store and use an ironing board.  
  • Shelves for storing detergent, fabric softener, lint rollers, dryer sheets, stain remover, etc.  
  • A clothesline or bar to hang dry delicate items. 

 #2: Outdoor Living Space  

 Here in California, a beautiful and functional outdoor living space is vital. We live in a state where the average resident spends more time outdoors than indoors, so buyers are likely to move on from homes without a designated patio equipped with an easy entrance, shade, and foliage. To prep your home to sell, consider these outdoor suggestions:  

  • Covered patio area.  
  • Ceiling fan.  
  • Fire pit/bowl.  
  • Gas fireplace.  
  • Patio pavers.  
  • Outdoor chandelier lighting.  
  • BBQ station.  
  • Patio/porch swing.  

 #3: Plenty of Exterior Lighting  

 Extra lighting outside can make the home stand out and apart from others in the neighborhood. This feature is highly desired due to the increased home security it adds. A well-lit home is, statistically, less likely to attract intruders.  

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 #4: Open Concept Kitchens  

 Buyers are, and have been, looking for open concept kitchens for many years. This style is perfect for everything from entertaining and hosting gatherings to casual, day to day family living. The layout is important, especially in an open kitchen floorplan, so it’s best to contract a professional to assist you if your kitchen needs remodeling. For a truly open concept kitchen, buyers want to see a marriage between the kitchen and other spaces in the home, such as the living room, outdoor living area, and the entryway. This ties the home and the family together for a more unified lifestyle. Here is a list of specifics that homebuyers want to see in an Irvine, CA remodeled kitchen:

  • Large, dual-purpose islands with cooktops and storage.  
  • Open sightlines and easy visibility to the outdoors through large windows, bifold patio doors, or multi slide doors.  
  • Smaller spaces that appear larger. This is especially ideal for homebuyers on a budget, who still want the luxury of spaciousness.  
  • Space that’s ideal for entertaining.  

 Homebuyers are tough to impress if you don’t know what they’re looking for. Let the pros at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond help you get your home ready to sell with our Irvine, CA kitchen remodeling expertise. We’re located at 2910 E La Palma Ave Ste B, Anaheim, CA 92806. Call us at (714) 630-0477 for an in-home consultation and let’s get started! 

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