Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodel Upgrades

Everyone is looking for the best deal. This is especially true with regard to major upgrades in the home. Though, the best deal doesn’t always mean the best decision, so homeowners need to be careful when working within a budget to ensure their renovation efforts are something to be proud of.  

Kitchen remodeling in Newport Beach, CA is an especially popular venture for homeowners looking to freshen up their space and tackle the most used room in the home. And, the professional team here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond wants to offer a few helpful and budget friendly ideas to guide homeowners in bringing their kitchens to life.  

 pdated Cabinet Hardware  Sometimes, a small change goes a long way and makes a big impact. Cabinets that look old and outdated but are in great working order can be completely transformed with some quality hardware. Here are a few popular examples:  

  • Traditional nickel or steel knobs.  
  • newport beach kitchen cabinets designVintage bin pulls in a hammered metal finish.  
  • Tubular bar pulls.  
  • Metal ring pulls in pewter.  
  • Cup pulls in oil rubbed bronze.  
  • Porcelain pulls with nickel plated metal.  

Laminate Flooring  

Today’s laminate flooring options are nothing like those of the past. They are better quality, better looking, and longer lasting. Synthetic material like this offer endless styles and patterns. Homeowners on a budget benefit from real wood and natural stone looks at the fraction of the cost.  


There are three types of lighting that work especially well together to give the kitchen enough light for the whole space and to highlight key kitchen features:  

  • Ambient lighting. Examples of this style are recessed can lighting, pendants, tracks, and lights in the ceiling and around lower cabinets and islands.  
  • Task lighting. This includes lighting over food prep areas, the sink, and the range.   
  • Accent lighting. This style has less to do with functionality and more to do with aesthetics. Examples are strip fixtures placed inside glass faced cabinets, sconces, and direct spotlights.  

Door Molding  

Doors without molding don’t have a place in homes these days. But, if yours don’t have molding accents, it is easily added and relatively inexpensive. For homeowners with smaller kitchen spaces, the vertical addition will enhance the room’s size by drawing the eyes upward, toward the ceiling. To draw the doorway profile up, add square edge molding and then crown molding—both atop the door’s frame. This builds drama. Of course, the frame and moldings need to be painted to match.  

A Unique Focal Point 

An added focal point will enhance the character of the kitchen space. Whether it’s a painted wall with stenciled manuscript writing of a favorite recipe, a quirky coffee station, or a textured wall with kitchen utensils doubling as wall hangings, homeowners can choose to add personality to their space without spending too much. Paint, hooks, and wallpaper are all inexpensive options.  

An affordable kitchen remodel in Newport Beach, CA is possible when you work with the staff at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond. Our professionals love to help residents in the Anaheim area make beautiful budget friendly changes to their homes. Our showroom is located at 2910 E La Palma Ave Ste B, Anaheim, CA 92806; you and your family are welcome to visit and check out options. Call us at (714) 630-0477—we can’t wait to hear from you! 

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