For years, the kitchen and the bathroom have been the most important rooms in the home with the biggest demand in the remodeling industry. Why is this? I have a few theories:

  • They’re used the most, therefore, need remodeling more often.
  • The kitchen is, and has been, the favorite gathering place for decades—it’s a source of comfort, yumminess, and memory-making.
  • The bathroom is where we are most vulnerable; therefore, this particular space needs to feel inviting, comfortable, private, and spacious.

Of course, these two rooms are also the top two spaces in the home that Laguna Niguel, CA buyers are looking for and demanding to be NEW (or look new). There’s no way to sugarcoat it: kitchens and bathrooms are expensive remodels and prospective home buyers are looking to avoid those costs post-close.

Let’s go over both rooms and a few remodeling tips from the experts at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond:

Bathroom trends in 2018
Every room has a specific purpose, and the bathroom is no exemption. Yes, it’s the smallest room (usually) in the home, but it’s used multiple times a day, so making it a beautiful, relaxing space is ideal. Here’s how you can do just this! Here are some bathroom remodeling trends you might want to look out for this year.

  • Upgrade the sink. Use your sink to make a bold statement; one that says, “welcome to this room!” Natural stone is a popular trend right now and will hold its value for a long Also, pedestal sinks are coming back and will be around for years to come. These are especially great additions to smaller bathrooms—you can hang a mirrored cabinet to make up for storage space (the opened-up floor space will make the room look larger, more inviting).
  • Minimal pops of color. If you want an oasis of a bathroom, keep it simple and light with only a pop of color here-and-there. For example, the shower curtain or tile should be a light neutral, but your towels can be a bright teal. Gorgeous!

Kitchen trends in 2018
Oh, the kitchen remodel. This is one of the most exciting AND stressful rooms to remodel! But, when you work with the right installation and décor experts—it’s a breeze. Here are some key features to address for 2018:

  • Cabinet trends. The cabinets run the show in your kitchen. No matter how lovely your countertops and flooring are—if your cabinets are not on-point, the room will feel disjointed. Look into these styles: white shaker cabinets (farmhouse look), wooden shakers (great for traditional and contemporary homes), and light colored cabinets in any style (cottage homes!).
  • Storage is a priority. If your kitchen doesn’t house much, fix it! The more you can get off your countertops and tucked away into an island, cabinets, and hutch—the better. Clutter makes the room feel closed-in.
  • Open shelving. This trend is here to stay. This, also, opens up the space, so figure out where a cluster of shelves work and display your BEST dishware!

When you’re ready to tackle your kitchen remodeling in Laguna Niguel, CA and/or bathroom remodel, give our experts a call here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond!

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