There are many reasons to re-do your kitchen: outdated features, ugly flooring, inadequate cabinet space, increasing resale value… Whatever your reason may be, there is one specific decision that will dictate the overall function and looks of your space: the kitchen cabinets.

Here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, we have hundreds—literally, hundreds—of kitchen countertop and cabinet styles, features, customization options, finishes, materials, and hardware. One of the toughest decisions, though, is the dark/light choice for the surfaces! We work with countless Californian homeowners who find themselves with this very predicament: to choose a light or dark kitchen?

The answer: both!

Yes, I know. “Both” means dark and light. Let me explain: contrast is in! Here are three ways you can incorporate contrast into your kitchen cabinets in Mission Viejo, CA kitchen:

  1. Dark low cabinet, light high cabinets
    Torn between which direction to go? Consider mixing warm and cool together with contrasting cabinetry. Dark lower cabinets are perfect for a rich, warm, and high-end look. Colors like espresso, charcoal gray, and black are all popular options. For the upper cabinets, consider white, light cream, or very light gray. Keep in mind dark hues (the lower cabinets) can make a smaller room look cramped—so, if your kitchen falls into this category, move on to our next kitchen contrast suggestion!
  2. Light cabinets paired with dark countertops
    Have you seen the kitchens in the magazines with cream shaker cabinets and deep, dark quartz countertops? Gorgeous! What this specific contrast option does for your kitchen is open it up and solidify it as an important space. The mood when you walk into a kitchen with this light-dark pairing is airy, inviting, and fresh. This works especially well for smaller kitchens that need to appear larger.
  3. Dark cabinets paired with light countertops
    Inversely, this pairing works well in larger kitchens. When you have added expanse, you can afford to darken the room without forfeiting grandeur. Highlight deeply colored cabinets with a bright, clean countertop in marble or light granite shades! This way, you have the best of both worlds: a striking room with airy horizontal movement. And, for the flooring—dare to meet somewhere in the middle of the light/dark contrast. For example, if you choose black cabinetry and white marble countertops, go for an ashy gray tile or faux-wood flooring.
  4. White on white, with a twist
    I absolutely love kitchens with white everything—almost. For example, white cabinets, white and light-gray granite countertops, a white backsplash, and—SURPRISE!—black accent wall and black stools along the island bar. It’s attention-grabbing and adds a bit of attitude to a soft space.

What’s your reason for pondering a kitchen remodel? Extra space, outdated features, greater resale value? Whatever your reason—our team here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond has you covered! Call us today and let’s address your kitchen design concerns together!

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