This year’s kitchen trends are all about the Bold and the Beautiful. Homeowners here in kitchen remodel in Laguna Beach, CA and Anaheim, CA are among the most daring—and our team LOVES a crazy color palette to take-on in a kitchen remodel!

You see, here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, we work with all types of homeowners. Some prefer subtle changes while others go wild with color and expansion. Our team is full of a wide variety of design perspectives, too—so we’re always ready to dive in and be your co-designers!

Now, this year, our team has noticed a huge shift toward bright pops of color and drastic changes, specifically in the kitchen. Check out some of these bold moves from some of your neighbors!

Plum is in
Deep plum and dramatic blues are blowing up this year; a clear departure from the beiges of the last decade. In many of our recent kitchen remodel projects, we’ve seen everything from bright blue accent walls, navy backsplashes, and gray-plum kitchen cabinets outfitted with granite countertops! We LOVE the nautical and elegant flair!

Gray is still dominating
Gray is still at the top of the list in 2018 (as expected). Gray shaker cabinets or granite countertops with gray swirls are very, very popular. This probably won’t die out any time soon—gray is too versatile of a hue to be bumped-out of top trends quickly.

Vintage pieces
Marrying vintage pieces with even the most contemporary kitchen adds an extra “wow” to any room. Consider copper features like range hoods or cabinet pulls. This applies to small accent décor, too! For example, hanging vintage measuring cups in copper from an industrial hook above your stove is a tiny, yet impactful touch.

Clutter is out
Actually, clutter has been out for a while, but old 90’s trends have clung to California kitchens way too long. You definitely want to keep your countertops clear of clutter. Put away your jars of oats and grains. Hide your kitchen appliances in large cabinets to be pulled out only when you need them. The clearer the countertops, the bigger and more inviting the room!  

Simplistic layouts & décor
This piggy-backs off of clearing the clutter. Don’t overdue wall décor (in fact, there should be little need for wall décor if you’ve chosen the right cabinets and backsplash). The days of overdone styling are gone! Instead, focus on creating the most open space you can. If you’re looking to remodeling kitchen in Anaheim, CA—talk to our professionals about reconfiguring your kitchen into an open-concept room. No matter how cramped it currently feels in your kitchen, our experts will assist you in developing a plan to fix this!

Ready to make your kitchen bold and beautiful? We sure are! Our team is skilled in kitchen remodels—we go beyond the cabinets and work with you to create the space you deserve! Give Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond a call today!

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