What are the Most Popular Kitchen Designs and Cabinet Styles

Theme is important when it comes to remodeling the kitchen. No one wants a disjointed design. Further, no homeowner wants to invest in a kitchen upgrade only to find themselves disappointed. And, since the kitchen is one of the most used spaces in the modern home, it’s important to get the design right.    

Key Takeaways:

Kitchens are a central point in any home, so it’s important to get the design right. It’s important to know which kitchen cabinets styles would best match your wants and needs.

  • The Cottage Kitchen Cabinet Style is light and airy with white or cream colors. It is vintage, lightly feminine, and typically has no formal dining space. 
  • The Farmhouse-Style Kitchen features deep farmhouse sinks, soapstone or marble countertops, mason jars, expansive islands with butcher board surfaces, and open shelving. 
  • Midcentury Modern-Style Kitchens are a throwback to the 1950s or 1960s and include flat-faced cabinetry, limited colors, light hues on the wall, pub-style stools, and appliances with rounded edges.
  • Craftsman Style Kitchens are signified by their intricate woodwork, usually made of hard, heavy wood rather than lighter woods or artificial materials. 
  • Contemporary Kitchen Design is all about natural colors, clean lines, and open spaces. 

When it comes to choosing well for a perfectly themed space, Laguna Beach, CA kitchen cabinets need to be a primary focus. That said, cabinet selection will hinge greatly on which kitchen style the homeowner wants it to match.   

This guide breaks down five popular kitchen styles and their corresponding cabinet options.   

The Cottage Style Kitchen   laguna beach ca kitchen cabinets and kitchen remodeling

The cottage kitchen is all about light, airiness, and white or cream colors. It is vintage, lightly feminine, and is, typically, inclusive—it has no formal dining space. Wicker accents and open shelving held up by brackets or corbels are common in a cottage style kitchen. The right cabinets for the cottage style kitchen are: 

  • Beadboard cabinets  
  • Shaker cabinets  
  • Patina cabinets  

The Farmhouse Style Kitchen  

This style is open and includes features such as deep farmhouse sinks, soapstone or marble countertops, mason jars, expansive islands with butcher board surfaces, and open shelving. The right cabinets for the farmhouse style kitchen are: 

  • White cabinets (of almost any style)  
  • Beadboard cabinets  
  • Glass front cabinets  

The Midcentury Modern Style Kitchen   

Midcentury modern style kitchens are a throwback to the 1950s or 1960s. They include flat-faced cabinetry, limited colors, light hues on the wall, pub-style stools, and appliances with rounded edges. The right cabinets for the midcentury modern kitchen are:  

  • Light color cabinets (pale blue, green, or yellow) 
  • Flat-paneled cabinets  
  • Cabinets with shiny, metal handles  
  • Light wood stained cabinets  
  • Shiny, white lacquered-looking cabinets  

The Craftsman Style Kitchen   

The craftsman style kitchen is signified by its fine, intricate woodwork. As for the cabinets, they’re usually made of hardy, heavy woods, rather than lighter woods or artificial materials. Homeowners looking to create a true craftsman feel in their kitchens will embrace earth tones and neutral hues. The right cabinets for the craftsman style kitchen are:  

  • Cherry, maple, or oak cabinets  
  • Wooden, shaker style cabinets  
  • Plymouth style cabinets  
  • Crown raised cabinets  

The Contemporary Style Kitchen  

Contemporary is often confused with modern—but, these two aren’t the same. Contemporary kitchen design is all about natural colors, clean lines, and open spaces. The kitchen should be clutter free and sparingly decorated. So, the best cabinets for this style kitchen are sleek, polished, and smooth. Choose cabinet styles with glass inserts or flat facades. They should be geometric and include few accessories. The right cabinets for the contemporary kitchen are:  

  • Shaker cabinets  
  • Steel cabinets  
  • Distressed black metal cabinets  
  • Dark wood, flat-faced cabinets  

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