8 Important Tips to Create a Beautiful Cottage Style Kitchen

Cottage style kitchens have proven themselves to be a desirable, timeless choice for many. These days, more and more homeowners are looking to create functional, inviting, and open floor plans for enhanced family connection—fundamental features of the cottage style. So, now, many Yorba Linda, CA kitchen remodeling designs are pulling from cottage nuances like open shelving and pastel colors to complement this trend.   

Check out these eight tips from kitchen design experts to help get your creative wheels turning.     

Tip #1: Embrace Open Shelving   Yorba Linda CA kitchen remodeling

Think about what a cottage structure looks like: homey, simple, and functional. Open shelving held up by brackets or corbels are indicative of a true cottage kitchen. Place matching bowls, plates, and glasses on them, proudly. Remember to keep the shelves simple and elegant.   

Tip #2: Wood Flooring   

Cottage style homes and kitchens are characteristically vintage. The wider the plank, the more cottage-like the kitchen will feel. Whether the flooring is stained or painted, it will look beautiful and fitting. Just be sure to have a professional installation to ensure the flooring will stand up to spills and foot traffic.   

Tip #3: Upgrade to Beadboard Cabinets   

The beadboard cabinet is one with slim vertical rows of wood planks, capped by thicker framework. This particular type of cabinet door can be incorporated throughout the kitchen or as an accent on just the base cabinets or island cabinets.   

Tip #4: Consider Bin Style Pulls and Glass Knobs   

Bin style drawer pulls are delightfully vintage and add a “general store” vibe to the space. Choose brass, pounded metal, oil-rubbed metal, or even a ceramic option in a pastel color. Small glass knobs on the cabinets (those often used as bedroom door handles in vintage homes) are a sweet little addition to a cottage style kitchen.   

Tip #5: Comfy Seating   

The trademark of a true cottage style kitchen is comfortable seating. Spring for cushioned seats, soft fabrics, and a sizeable seating area designed primarily for comfort rather than perfection.   

Tip #6: Wicker Accents Make Everything Better   

Choose natural wicker baskets for storage on the open shelving and counter space. If you’re not a fan of wicker’s natural tan color, select or white options or purchase hardy white spray paint to create a more modern look.   

Tip #7: Remember to Use Color Correctly   

Usually, cottage style kitchens include soft pastels. But, this doesn’t mean homeowners can’t opt for a hue with a bit more boldness. For example, a sunshine yellow as an accent color on the island cabinets and woodwork is a happy, inviting shade.   

Tip #8: Use Soft Textiles   

A simple sink skirt to hide kitchen cleaning essentials is a soft touch to the room which harkens back to an earlier time. Or, for the homeowner who wants to make a serious statement, replace base cabinetry with ruffled panels hung from slim curtain rods.   

For more tips like these, consult the friendly professionals at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, located at 2910 E La Palma Ave Ste B, Anaheim, CA 92806. We love working with local homeowners looking to transform their kitchens. We would be thrilled to help you with your Yorba Linda, CA kitchen remodeling project! Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (714) 630-0477 to set up and in-home consultation or schedule an appointment with our experienced team. See you soon.  

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