The cabinets you choose for your Irvine, CA, home play a significant role in your kitchen’s overall look. In fact, the cabinets the most eye-catching, prominent feature in your kitchen. My point? The kitchen is arguably the most important room in your entire residence. So, it should be BEAUTIFUL. Simple, elaborate, chic, oversized… there is a style for every design perspective. Here are Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, we invite you to take a look at some of the styles our professionals love most!

  1. Shaker cabinet
    All over HGTV, throughout every home style magazines, and loved by the Scott brothers AND the Gaines’—the shaker cabinet is the most popular style on the market today. Shaker cabinets get their name from a distinctive style of furniture “Shaker,” which uses simple and clean lines. This style cabinet is made of five pieces of flat panels; four pieces make up the frame and a fifth makes up the center. This simple look lends itself well for any kitchen style: traditional, contemporary, cottage, antique… you name it!
  2. Distressed cabinets
    Distressed pieces and home features have become very popular, too. In our opinion, the hominess and throw-back nostalgia is the allure (which means this style is one to stay!). If you are aiming for an antique touch in your home (or, a mix-n’-match of modern and antique offsets), distressed kitchen cabinets are a lovely addition.
  3. Flat cabinets
    This style is anything but boring. Flat style cabinets have no expensive details; therefore, perfect for the budget-minded—yet style-conscious—homeowner. Their hard lines and minimalism are the perfect fit for contemporary, modern, and retro designs.
  4. Beadboard cabinets
    This style ushers-in a rustic or country feel to any kitchen. The beadboard cabinet is like the shaker cabinet, but the insert has a “paneled” detailing to it. Are you wanting to add a farmhouse sink and a butcher block counter, perhaps? Beadboard cabinets are a perfect pairing.
  5. Light / White cabinets
    White or cream cabinets (of any style) are a great way to open and brighten a smaller kitchen. This color works well in traditional, cottage, or even modern style spaces! If you are looking to create an open look—light colored cabinets will create this feel (without reconfiguring any walls or rerouting any gas lines).
  6. Glass-front cabinets
    This can mean clear (transparent) or “foggy” glass cabinets. This option breaks-up the monotony of wall-to-wall cabinetry while opening up the space (especially good for tighter kitchens). This, too, works well for modern, contemporary, and country-chic style kitchens.

Remember, there are variations and customizations for every style we have listed here. What look are you aiming for in your kitchen cabinets in Irvine, CA? The team here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond would love to work with you to create the exact look you have been dreaming of for years. Give us a call or come visit our showroom to see these styles in person! See you soon!

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