These days, everyone wants a beautiful farmhouse kitchen with a chic modern flair. You know, those kitchens we see over and over again while watching DVR reruns: the unfortunate “befores” and the miraculous “afters,” which somehow convince us all that our kitchens are just one DIY project away from being on the cover of the next issue of Magnolia Farms… The truth is, your kitchen is only a project away from that beautiful farmhouse style you love—but it’s going to take a bit more than one simple do-it-yourself project.

At Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, our professionals are experienced in kitchen transformations. In fact, we specialize in kitchen makeovers and remodels. And, we would love nothing more than to co-design and collaborate with you! So, what does it take to accomplish the perfect farmhouse kitchen for your kitchen remodeling in Irvine, CA, home? Keep reading to find out!

The essence of the farmhouse kitchen
First, let’s focus on what a farmhouse kitchen really is: homey and functional. This style is a throwback to the functionality and spaciousness of the American farmhouse. So, the kitchen in this particular style embraces space, openness, and functionality. The typical cook in a farmhouse kitchen loves to gather with loved ones and cook for all types of occasions: family dinners, holidays, and entertaining. Now, don’t think you must be an all-star chef to deserve this style kitchen—you just need to love gatherings in the heart of your home!

The top 4 elements of your future farmhouse kitchen
There are many ways we can create a farmhouse kitchen you will be proud of, but here are the top 4 ways to accomplish this remodel goal:

  1. White cabinets. This is the ultimate signifier of a true farmhouse kitchen! Really, almost any style works, as long as it is white (or cream). What do you fancy: Shaker cabinets? Beadboard cabinets? Inlet cabinets? It’s up to you.
  2. Farmhouse sink. You probably saw this suggestion coming. They are so, so beautiful and exceptionally functional. Typically, the farmhouse sink is ceramic, large, and open/undivided. These were perfect (back in the day) when kitchens were widely used for canning, cooking, and bathing babies!
  3. Wood or Silestone countertops. These two surfaces are indicative of this popular style. Wood is classic and looks great, even after taking a bit of beating (it only adds to the character!). Silestone is a great option because nothing bothers is; it is resistant to stains and heat (from hot pans)!
  4. Mason jars. That’s right, we said it: embrace the mason jars. This, you can do without the assistance of your KCB Opt for different sizes and use them for commonly-used ingredients: flour, sugar, lentils, chicken bouillon cubes, tea bags, trail mix etc.!

We hope these ideas have your creative wheels turning! The kind and professional staff here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond would be honored to assist you with your kitchen remodel. Stop on by!

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