Creating a Contemporary Kitchen

Here in Mission Viejo, CA, kitchen remodeling has become all about contemporary transformations. But, what does it mean when a kitchen is labeled “contemporary?” Mostly, this means that a kitchen is functional, minimalistic, and aesthetically pleasing. But, there are some specific features which set the contemporary kitchen apart from the others.   

For homeowners looking to create their perfect contemporary kitchen, there are crucial steps to take during the remodeling process. Keep reading.   

High Functionality   

Contemporary kitchens are all about being functional. This means, first and foremost, that they are free of clutter. This includes both physical clutter and visual clutter. Here’s the difference:  

  • Physical clutter includes “stuff” covering too much of the kitchen’s horizontal surfaces. Too many appliances and knickknacks create a visually unappealing—and inherently less contemporary—look.  
  • Visual clutter includes everything from too many wall hangings and artwork to too many contrasting colors on the walls, features, and major appliances.  

Functionality in the contemporary kitchen also includes the overall flow of the layout. The kitchen needs to make sense for how it’s used. Kitchens these days are utilized more than any other room in the house, and not solely for preparing meals. That said, the placement of major appliances should be strategic and supportive of its specific use. Further, whenever possible, the kitchen should be open to the rest of the home to allow for a more communal environment.   

Streamlined Surfaces   

Contemporary kitchens are most notable for their streamlined surfaces. This includes everything from the cabinet faces to the ceiling features:  

  • Cabinet facades should have minimal ornamental detail. “Clean and simple” is the philosophy for contemporary kitchens. Consider white or slate gray cabinets with flat faces and smooth, long pulls.  
  • Use the countertop to add contrast. If you choose light colored cabinetry, select a dark cement countertop to offset the color. Or, if your cabinets are a darker hue, a light limestone countertop is beautiful in contrast.  
  • Consider the ceiling in the design. The ceiling can be included as a feature in your contemporary kitchen design. Add recess lighting for mood and pendant lights in a row over the kitchen island or dining table. 


In the excitement of creating a newly remodeled kitchen, don’t forget to make the space personalized to you and your family. Put your most prized items on display:  

  • Brightly colored mixing bowls. These can be displayed on simple, open shelves.  
  • Wedding China. These, too, look like part of the design when displayed on simple, open shelves.  
  • Pottery assortment. Pots and pans—of matching colors and materials—look great on display in a glass-faced cabinet near the range.  
  • Children’s artwork in complementary frames. Don’t overdo it; display one or two pieces of art in unornate frames of the same size and color (best to match the trim in the room) on a large wall near the dining table.   

mission viejo ca kitchen cabinets and kitchen remodeling

Just remember, a contemporary kitchen is one without visual or physical clutter. There should be very few items left out or on display, otherwise, the streamlined look will be disrupted. So, choose only your most prized possessions to utilize in the design.   

At Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, our professionals are experienced in contemporary homes. We’d love for you to visit us to see our showroom and to speak with our pros about your personalized ideas. Our showroom is located at 2910 E La Palma Ave Ste B, Anaheim, CA 92806. Call us soon at (714) 630-0477 to set up an appointment! 

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