Everyone has their dream kitchen in mind. But, not everyone actually has their dream kitchen. In fact, most homeowners find themselves settling for ho-hum cooking spaces for much longer than necessary—because the thought of a remodel is “too overwhelming.” Don’t settle! Kitchen remodels are easier than you think if you choose the right professionals to help you. And, if you live here in Laguna Beach, CA, the pros at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond are just around the corner!

If you are seriously considering a kitchen remodel, you are likely mulling over two questions in your mind:

  1. Where do I even begin?
  2. Which improvements will I love most that a future buyer will, also, love?

Sound familiar? Don’t worry; we’ve created this short do’s and don’ts guide just for you! Follow this as your project-planning outline, and you’ll be through a successful kitchen remodel in no time.

DO: decide how you want to use your kitchen space
Not everyone uses their kitchens the same way. Sure, the kitchen is for cooking (believe it or not, some homeowners never use it for that…). But, what else do you intend to use yours for? Be fair in your assessment of yourself and your family. Yes, everyone wants stainless steel appliances, double-ovens, and a huge center island—but do these things make sense for you? Perhaps your kids do their homework in the kitchen; a built-in desk would be a good addition. Perhaps you like to host a monthly family gathering with the in-laws; a long dining room table or large bar seating along the center island will support that!

DON’T: ignore your personal budget
I know it’s exciting to throw caution to the wind once in a while—but, let’s try not to do that with your kitchen remodel, ok? You can avoid overspending by making two preliminary lists before moving forward: a “must-have” list and a “wish” list. This way, if you are able to afford a few wish-list items, you’ll be thrilled! Note: the must-haves are where you spend the majority of your money (i.e.: cabinets, flooring, etc.).

DO: ensure there’s ample lighting
This can mean installed lighting or added windows—or both. The more lighting you have in your kitchen, the more spacious and inviting the space will be. No one wants to squint at a recipe or confuse their finger for a vegetable while chopping and food-prepping…

DON’T: overlook the need for storage
The more off-the-counter and hidden-away functional spaces you have for the essentials (note: these hidden spaces should be easy to access), the less enclosed and cluttered the room will feel. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Magnetic knife strip
  • Wall shelves (to display your “prettier” dishware)
  • Wall-mounted appliances
  • Tiered kitchen carts
  • Pot racks
  • Walk-in pantry
  • Cabinet utility closet
  • Pull-out drawers and racks
  • Deep drawers

We’ve got more do’s and don’ts we’re happy to share with you, so come and see us in Laguna Beach, CA kitchen remodeling ! The experts at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond look forward to your future kitchen remodel!

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