Measuring Your Kitchen for Cabinets

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Getting your kitchen cabinets to look their best depends in great part on how accurately they fit into the space. This is more complex than you may think, since getting accurate measurements for kitchen cabinets is not always easy. If that is something that you are struggling with and you are not sure about, it can help to keep a few things in mind. Here are the tips that providers of kitchen cabinets in Fullerton, CA want you to remember.

One of the first things that you want to do is to prepare a grid of the floor plan. You want to sketch the layout of your kitchen on a piece of paper on this paper, you want to identify the locations of your windows, doors, water lines, gas lines, drain lines, light switches, and electrical outlets. This first draft does not have to be up to scale, but you still want to make sure that it is accurate representation.

It is also important to take horizontal measurements. Be sure to record all of your measurements in inches and not in feet. The first horizontal measurement you want to make are the wall lengths. You want to begin by taking these measurements from one of the corners of the wall. Measure clockwise and move from edge to edge. Be sure to skip over appliances and windows and other fixtures. You may also want to label the walls with a number so that you can reference them later easily.

You then want to begin making vertical measurements. When you start, measure from floor to windowsill. Then you want to measure from window sill to the window top and finally from the top of the window to the ceiling. The last step is to measure from the floor to the ceiling. Some homes have different ceiling heights in the same room so be sure to take at least three different floor to ceiling measurements.

Once you know what kind of kitchen cabinets you want and where you would like to place them, you want to take accurate measurements off for them on the spot. Be sure to measure with the right tools. Get a reliable tape measure and pencil and use graph paper and a straight edge so that you can draw up a floor plan that is accurate add represents where you want the cabinets to go.kitchen cabinet in Fullerton CA 300x150

These are all crucial things that you want to remember when putting together a kitchen remodeling project with new cabinets. It is never easy to get accurate measurements, but it is worthwhile doing correctly. You want to use the best tools and you want to take measurements a few times and check them so that you can start with the correct numbers. If you are still not sure about the measurements you have for your kitchen cabinets, it is always a good idea to reach out to experts. You can reach out to a Fullerton, CA kitchen cabinets provider like us to learn more. Call us today.

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