Your Kitchen, Your Remodel: 10 Design Ideas

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You have finally budgeted and gathered the resources to remodel your kitchen. This is an exciting time! There are so many design options from which to choose at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond in Anaheim Hills, CA—and we are thrilled to guide you through fun design ideas to get you brainstorming and on-track to a beautifully remodeled kitchen!

1. Open Concept
A phrase straight from any designer’s mouth: open concept kitchen. There is a reason we all know exactly what this is—because it is beautiful! The more open a space, the larger it will appear, which adds serenity. Consider shelves above your stove for spices or coffee mugs and shaker cabinets with frosted recessed panels. Does your space need widening? Are you brave enough to let our team knock it down and create a floorplan with an island and built-ins you will love?

2. Cabinets—Make or Break a Space
Cabinets are the largest real estate in your kitchen and will have the greatest impact on the overall feel of your space. Quality and style are equally important. Take your time choosing exactly what you love.

3. Bold Backsplash
A backsplash is a necessary and potentially gorgeous accent to your kitchen. Isn’t it amazing how many options there are for the space behind your oven? Let our team help you find the perfect accent for your kitchen: small, bright tiles; white subway tiles with a herringbone pattern; faux brick for that industrial, warehouse feel; mirrored tile for a retro throw-back; wood paneling or even checkered for a diner feel! The sky’s the limit!

4. Quiet!
Consider soft-close hinges and glides. Trust us, they are worth it.

5. Your Ceiling Matters
Ever walked into a home and felt “wowed” by its crown molding, coffered ceilings, or open beams? Don’t ignore yours! We can help you add texture and charm to your kitchen ceiling to complete your design dreams.

6. A Sink that Makes Sense
Here’s where we get practical. Your sink should serve you. Rinsing or washing any cookware should be manageable and stress-free. This means the faucet should curve far enough up and out of the way. It should be movable, multi-functional, and the sink should be deep. You should have the freedom to spray down any item you choose without fighting with a too-short extension. And, if you want to dress a turkey or bathe your babies—your sink should accommodate your needs…and look beautiful while doing so!

7. Built-ins
Semi- or fully-hidden and accessible storage is a beautiful thing. Items belong when they are stored in attractive, customized built-ins.

8. Hardware Matters
Sometimes, all you need is updated knobs or pulls to give your kitchen an instant facelift. Whether you are ready for a small remodel or a big project, choosing the right hardware to add personality and depth to your kitchen is very important.
Our team here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond is a group of licensed designers, dedicated to your Anaheim, CA kitchen remodeling dreams and satisfaction. Let’s get started on your Anaheim Hills home!

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