4 Kitchen Cabinet Trends in Anaheim Hills

California is known for leading in home designs and innovation, as well as style. Here in Anaheim Hills, we pride ourselves in this; and we should! Trends come and go. In the kitchen (also known as the most highly used room in your home) there lies huge importance in choosing a timeless trend.

Why? For starters, no one wants to pay to remodel their kitchen every other year due to dying fads. Right? The kitchen is the most expensive room to remodel in the first place! Additionally, should you ever choose to sell, it’s good to know what others are doing with their designs.

Our team at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond knows exactly how to design a beautiful, affordable kitchen cabinets in Anaheim Hills, CA that you will really love. Below, we have constructed a list of the Top Four Trends we believe are here to stay!

1. Shaker Style
This style emerged years ago and seems to be here for good. A shaker style cabinet features a recessed panel door and basic hardware. Simple, yet stunning. Often times, these will be used to create a contemporary vibe or mix with antique touches for a classic and modern marriage. The recessed panel may match or not. Or, if you like an open concept, go with a glass or frosted glass option.


2. Clean & Subtle
Who doesn’t love a clean, streamlined look? This is not to be confused with cabinets lacking personality. Rather, simplistic cabinetry is extremely popular for many reasons. For example, the rise in modern styles (70s throwback kitchens) have gained momentum due to long-term design flexibility. Remember: cabinets do not have to be ornate to have a “wow factor.”


3. White & Gray (Neutrals)
The white kitchen has been around for decades and it still as beautiful and welcoming as ever—the most popular of the neutral palettes. Though, more and more homeowners in Anaheim Hills and the surrounding cities are steering toward grays and earth-tones. Neutrals with subtle differences in hue and texture offer a calming, sophisticated ambiance. Considering the majority of our lives is spent in the kitchen, preparing for (or winding down from) our busy days, a calming kitchen sounds like the perfect way to go!
4. Personalized Cabinetry
Of course, there is no kitchen like the one you design to meet your family’s specific Do you prefer more drawers and fewer cabinets? Is your family on the shorter side and wish your kitchen cabinets made more sense for your height? Do you loathe deep cabinets or knobs? Do you live in an older home with a terrible layout and need customization to make your space function? No matter the material or color the masses are using, you must live in your home and your cabinets need to work for you. The style is your starting point; let your personal needs guide the design. There are no cookie-cutter kitchens anymore!

Our team at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond can’t wait to co-design a beautiful kitchen with you. We are open seven days a week—give us a call today!

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