Where to Spend the Most on Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Your kitchen is a large reflection of how you live, especially because of how much time you spend in the space. There aren’t strict rules on how to spend your money on kitchen remodeling. Where you save and where you splurge largely depends on what you plan to do in your kitchen. The gourmet cook will justify the cost of upgraded appliances. The home entertainer will make room in the budget for a wine cooler. The family gatherer will need storage and counter space to accommodate each member of the house. Think about how you use your kitchen and what you value and put your money into those upgrades. With that in mind, here are a few tips on where to splurge during your kitchen remodel in Fullerton, CA.


Most homeowners choose practical, mid-level appliances. Specifically look for energy-efficient products with substantial warranties. You also want to balance the cost of appliances with that of the cabinets. The last thing you want to do is blow the budget on pricey appliances and have nothing left to spend on countertops, cabinets, hardware, or light fixtures. Consider floor plan and accessibility when choosing the appliances in case you need to move things around.


You probably don’t think of it this way, but the countertops are the focal point in your kitchen. As such, it should be functional, but also stylish. As a showpiece, your counters will dictate the rest of the design in your kitchen—cabinets, floors, and color scheme. If you want to save, there are some laminate products that mimic the look of stone. There are also grades of granite, so you can upgrade the surface without breaking the bank.

Kitchen Cabinets

Few people will ever complain of having too much storage. When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you want to invest in functionality. Manufacturers now offer roll-out trays, drawers, and bins of all shapes and sizes. However, do not go overboard on specialty inserts. Instead, opt for soft close internal hardware and solid materials. As for finishes, most people will not be able to tell a veneer from a solid wood cabinet. Most of all, do not scrimp on installation. Let our professionals at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond handle that.


Because it is often a large area, the price for flooring can add up fast. Fortunately, there are countless options to match your style and budget. You can choose anything from vinyl to hardwood, laminate to tile. Want to go green where you can? You can even find real linoleum or engineered cork tiles that are completely sustainable.


Not usually the most expensive, unless you are looking to increase natural light. Splurge on the windows if you are going all in on a kitchen remodel. Nothing works better for warming up the space than natural light. Otherwise, you don’t need a generous budget for light fixtures. They are affordable and easy to swap out.


Even in a budget kitchen, the kitchen backsplash is a fun place to splurge. There are so many design options the possibilities are endless. Just remember, the cost for installation will typically be the same—whether or not you choose an artistic tile you absolutely love. So go for the glass tile or mosaic to bring a sense of individuality to your kitchen.

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