Unique Cabinet Options to Consider

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Your kitchen’s cabinets are an integral part of your kitchen. They allow for storage and can hinder or help how efficient your kitchen space is, and they also bring style to the room. If you are thinking of starting a kitchen remodeling project or if you would like to update your cabinetry, there are some excellent options that are unique and that can make a difference in how your kitchen looks. Here are some of the options that kitchen remodelers in Anaheim Hills, CA want you to remember.

Go for a minimalist look. This is an option that works wonderfully in small kitchens, since it removes clutter from the cabinet design and offers the sense of airiness. Go for sleek finishes that open up the space and light colors to enhance the airiness and modern style. You can opt for metal as well as stone options for a truly unique look.

Oak wood cabinets have started becoming more popular lately and they may be exactly the touch of warmth you want for your kitchen space. You can even go for a driftwood finish, which brings texture to the style. If you want a vintage look to the space, oak wood cabinetry can be the right option.

Open shelving instead of only cabinets is another thing you want to consider, especially if your kitchen space is smaller. Some people do not want to have open cabinets because they think it makes their kitchen look untidy, which is why open shelving can be a great alternative. You can have them installed next to cabinets to allow you more storage space as well as more visual interest to the kitchen.

There is also no need to limit yourself to one color finish throughout your kitchen. More people are choosing to have different color options for their cabinets, their counters, and appliances. You can easily matcha a neutral wood color with metallic finishes and your preferred paint colors. A good way of achieving this is by painting your kitchen island a different color than the rest of the cabinetry, making it a centerpiece of the space. You can go for contrasting colors, too, or monochromatic options paired with a bright primary color. There are no limits to the options you have when choosing color options for your kitchen.kitchen remodeler in Anaheim Hills CA 300x200

These are some of the things you want to consider when deciding on the kind of cabinet options you want for your kitchen space. It can be a good idea to think of what style you want to achieve so that you can narrow options down. If you want to learn more about choosing cabinetry for your home, you want to reach out to an Anaheim Hills, CA kitchen remodeler like us at Kitchen Cabinets and Beyond. We are ready to help you find the exact solutions you want for your space, so do reach out to us for guidance. You can give us a call right now or you can visit us today at our location for more information.

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