Top Color Choices for Modern Kitchen Cabinets

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Color can be a game changer in your kitchen, especially when redesigning with new kitchen cabinets in Fullerton, CA. The right color combination can cleverly highlight some architectural details and bring outdated cabinetry back to life. It can even change the entire style and feeling of your kitchen. You can brighten up just one area by picking a beautiful accent color in a refreshing hue for your island. Fortunately you can find any color to match any personal style. Here are a few options to consider:

White Wash

It is true countless homeowners love the classic look of a white kitchen. Light and fresh, it is a bit of a no-brainer. If you want to keep things simple and full of natural light, then white it a great option for kitchen cabinets. White is a great backdrop for any type of style or design. It pairs well with any accent color. So if you are having trouble committing to an accent, start with the serenity of white kitchen cabinets.

Black and Bold

This is probably not the first color that comes to mind when you think of new kitchen cabinets. However, there is a good reason why this color will never let you down. When paired with the simplicity of white, a lacquered, glossy black will give your kitchen clean and defined lines to suit a contemporary style. Though a more daring approach, the use of posh black and white is a classic design that will also bring a touch of minimalism to your cooking space.

Sophisticated Shades

Grey is another popular color, bringing simplicity to those who crave a minimalist kitchen. In fact, grey is the hottest neutral in today’s color palates. Some might think it is drab and dull, but the reality is grey can have a diverse set of undertones. Warm, deep grey will bring class especially when paired with gold or copper accents. To brighten this neutral up, many homeowners also choose to pair it with textured finishes or patterns.

Cool Blues

Combine the best of California with hues of sea and sky. The shades of blue are practically endless. Lighter blues will help make an open space feel bright and airy. Darker and deeper shades can help ground your high-ceiling spaces. You can also think of harmonizing the color of your kitchen cabinets with your stainless-steel appliances. Blue is an especially good color if you want to embrace a more nautical or coastal look, and bring the beach to your home in Fullerton, CA.

Red and Sage

These are not as vibrant as traditional Christmas colors, but the warmth and comfort elicited by this combination is much the same. These complimentary colors are soft, and muted. They work well with wooden finishes and appeal to homeowners who like a more rustic style. This is an especially popular choice for those who want to spend most of their time in a cozy kitchen that revolves around the gathering of family and friends—every day a holiday.

Accents in Orange or Purple

These secondary colors are highly popular when homeowners want to bring a pop of brightness and playfulness into the kitchen. These unexpected colors will help make your kitchen feel more energizing and exciting. However, you also have to know that these colors require balance. A full blown orange kitchen will be overwhelming. So be sure and use colors like purple and orange in moderation, combining them with neutrals like white or a simple grey.

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