How to Resurface Kitchen Cabinets

The home is where the heart is and the heart of any home is the kitchen. Your home in Laguna Niguel is no exception. Families gather in the kitchen and it’s the central entertainment location any time guests are around as well. If you are going to renovate any area of any home, the kitchen is often the first stop. Changing and updating pieces of the kitchen can add a great deal of value to a home and can make the kitchen more enjoyable and functional in the meantime.

Since cabinets are the largest portion of any kitchen, homeowners often look to them first when it comes to making changes in the kitchen. Outdated cabinets can take a lot away from the appearance of the room. Completely replacing cabinets costs a lot of money and can cause a large mess and some inconvenience. Not every homeowner wants to go that far with the project. Resurfacing is a good option for some kitchens. Here’s what you need to know.

What is resurfacing or refacing?

Resurfacing the cabinets means removing the existing doors, drawer fronts and hardware. You leave the framework in place and cover the sides with a stick-on veneer or you can paint the surface. You then cover the doors and drawer fronts with something similar and put new hardware into place. Refacing cabinets can give the kitchen a whole new look in much less time.

What cabinets can be refaced?

Virtually any cabinet can be refaced, but you need to decide if your cabinets are right for the project. First, ask yourself if your cabinets are structurally sound. If they are in good condition and there is nothing wrong with them other than the way they look, they are good candidates for resurfacing. Second, consider the layout of your kitchen. If your kitchen cabinets are not laid out in a convenient manner and you want to shift things around, simply refacing the cabinets is not going to work for you. If you like the layout, all you really need is resurfacing and your cabinets can transform the room.

Are there a lot of options?

There is a wide range of cabinet styles on the market. If you are looking to buy new cabinets, you will find plenty of choices. There are even more options when it comes to refacing and resurfacing materials. Visit your local hardware store and simply look at the wall of different knobs and pulls to see just how many options you have available to you. And that’s just one store. Close your eyes and imagine your ideal cabinets and you should be able to find a way to reface yours to look similar.

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