More so than with any other room in the house, the kitchen reflects the family who uses it. For example, big, open kitchens communicate a family with a love for cooking and gathering. Bright colors may suggest the kitchen is the family’s happy place.

What will your remodeled kitchen look like? For the homeowners looking for a new spin on an old kitchen in the Coto de Caza, CA, area—look no further! Our team here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond wants to help you choose a style you’ll love for your kitchen remodeling project in Coto de Caza, CA. Check out these kitchen style ideas!

The Farmhouse Kitchen
These days it seems like everyone wants the farmhouse kitchen. They are warm and nostalgic while offering optimal functionality. Elements of a farmhouse kitchen are:

  • Open/floating shelving: wall mounted shelves and door-less or window-like cabinets make for absolute efficiency and practicality
  • Classic flooring: wood, black and white tile, or checkered linoleum
  • Apron-front sink: this is the most known element in a farmhouse kitchen—deep bowl, sturdy construction, and broad front

The Classic Kitchen
Who’s to say what “classic” style really is? This term loosely means “will stand up to the test of time.” So, a classic kitchen is not trendy, it is timeless. Elements of a classic kitchen are:

  • Black or white countertops: granite, soapstone, cast quartz, marble (Calacatta) even cement countertops can be found
  • White subway tiles
  • White or cream cabinets

The Modern Family Kitchen
Most likely, everyone you talk to will have a different idea of what a “modern” kitchen looks like. Our team considers a modern kitchen design to have clean, horizontal lines and a lack of ornamentation—focused on the natural beauty of the materials. Elements of a modern kitchen are:

  • Flat panel cabinet door style, or shaker style
  • Sleek, simple hardware
  • Reliance on natural materials
  • Matching accent pieces—everything is streamlined (chairs match, fixtures and hardware match, etc.)
  • Industrial elements: untreated cement wall, patina, oversized appliances, etc.

The Eclectic Kitchen
This is a great style for the rebellious or undecided types. Mix and match however you want! Essentials from a few different styles create a unique, beautiful space. Elements of an eclectic kitchen are:

  • New and old: pick a vintage piece to complement a modern piece (like a farmhouse style sink with retro light fixtures!)
  • Androgyny: mix up the proverbial “male” and “female” styles for balance (like delicate hardware and harsh, geometric shapes in the backslash!)

The Cottage Kitchen
The cottage kitchen is cheerful and unpretentious. It’s a statement of a simpler time of carefree living and togetherness. Elements of a cottage kitchen are:

  • Vintage hardware and wood floors
  • Soft colors mixed with bold pops of color: white, soft yellow, pale turquoise, and muted khaki
  • Open shelving: floating shelves above the countertops
  • Beadboard: a grooved paneling that adds interest to the design
  • Farmhouse style sink

What will your kitchen become when you remodel with our professional staff at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond? We can’t wait to work with you!

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