New Kitchen Cabinet Trends for Every Kitchen Style

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Kitchen cabinets are the most costly element in your kitchen and therefore require careful consideration. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your design preference. Laguna Nigel homeowners are enjoying the many trends and options available for their kitchen space and are choosing to invest in the right design to upgrade their space. The details are what matter the most in this category, and the right elements added to your cabinetry can make all the difference.

One trend that is adding a taste of sophistication to many kitchens is the choose to add crown molding to cabinets. Classic crown molding gives a more formal appearance and even adds shapely contrast making the kitchen appear larger. This is a great option to choose when you want to upgrade the style of your cabinets while sticking to more traditional colors.

To create a clean minimalistic look that isn’t too cold, try squared-off, flat front cabinets with a glass front. The look is an Asian inspired design and works well with any finishing color. This look also blends well with kitchens that have a number of stainless steel appliances in it.

Many Laguna Nigel homes are adopting a classic Tuscan style that is perfectly complemented by deep red cabinetry. Look into darker wood finishes, and mantelpiece style architecture to add an old Venetian style to space.

One rising trend is using upcycled wooden materials in cabinetry. Even if you can’t find rustic looking wood at an affordable price, using a varnish to create a worn down look is a smart option for kitchen cabinets.

If you are opting for glass front cabinets, remember not all glass is the same. More homeowners are choosing to incorporate sand blasted glass into their cabinet designs to create a look that’s both contemporary and masculine.  The elements over the glass are almost as important as the glass itself. Architectural molding over the glass can add a unique edge on the most classically designed homes without over doing it.

The wonderful thing about all of these options is the ability to mix and match them. Try using both open and closed cabinets, or combining the use of both glass and wooden front cabinets. The variety of design choices throughout the kitchen will prevent it from looking too sterile and can help add fluidity to the room.

These are just some of the hundreds of options available for kitchen cabinets. In addition to deciding which visual aspect you prefer, consider factors like how much storage space you will need, how much you want to display, and where is the most convenient places to install the cabinets in your home. Talk to a professional designer at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond before making any final decisions, and make sure that the materials you are choosing don’t require any extra maintenance. Our experts can introduce you to all the design and function options for your new kitchen cabinets in Laguna Niguel.

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