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The kitchen is the heart of the home for many people – it’s a place of warmth, family, and comfort. A place to eat and drink and celebrate with loved ones. When it comes to repair and renovation, however, the kitchen can be a much more complicated beast. There are pipes and gas lines and coolants and tiles to work around! Yet homeowners every year make the mistake of thinking they can skip professional help and go straight for the most ambitious projects without any experience or certification to back up their confidence.

  1. Cabinets Need To Be Functional. Unlike hanging a photograph or painting an accent wall, designing and installing kitchen cabinets requires precision measurements with very little room for error. A picture can be recalibrated; and an accent wall can be repainted. But hanging kitchen cabinets requires planning, foresight, proper materials and tools you can depend on. The ultimate test of cabinets is the test of time – do they collapse without warning a month after you install the shelves? Or do you trust the experts to update your home with reliable materials and techniques?
  2. Surface Repairs Won’t Cut It. The time comes for cabinets to receive real updates, and a fresh coat of paint just doesn’t do the job. But homeowners looking to do their own updates often get enticed by the allure of easy updates – they think they’re saving money and beating the system, when in fact they’re just cheating themselves. Spending money on stopgap measures isn’t a long-term, sustainable plan for the future stability of your home.
  3. Safety First. All too often, the culprit behind cabinet degradation is something sinister – water damage, rot, or pests can not only ruin the woodwork, they can put your family at risk of health issues. Making sure your living space is safe and functional is a top priority, and if your cabinets aren’t up to par they could pose a threat to family members. Every year, injuries in the home take people by surprise. But the reality is that most of these could be avoided with planning and common sense. Don’t expose your family to the perils of unstable structures, harmful moisture levels, or pests that threaten the integrity of your home.
  4. Emergency Kitchen Repair Isn’t Fun. Putting kitchen cabinet repair on the backburner could come with consequences. The number one rule of all home renovation is: do the work on your own terms – whether those terms be cost, time, or scale. When your hand is forced by an emergency and you have to hire a repair team under duress, the circumstances are always stressful and more expensive than if you had executed a plan on your own timeline. Kitchen repair is disruptive, so having foresight to plan accordingly will make the process much smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved. Don’t get stuck between a rock and a hard place!

Are you ready to repair those outdated, unreliable kitchen cabinets? Call Kitchen Cabinets and Beyond at 714-630-0477 today. Our professional Coto De Caza kitchen cabinets team will be delighted to assist you!

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