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The kitchen is the make-or-break room in the home that will determine a seller’s success during the resale process. An updated, efficient, and beautiful kitchen can and will make your home appealing to potential homebuyers and influence your target earning by tens of thousands of dollars.

Fullerton, CA kitchen Remodeling for resale means designing for the masses. In other words, overly personalized features will likely turn off serious potential buyers. Why? Buyers want to see themselves in a home—especially in the kitchen. They need to imagine their own future memories in your kitchen, with their loved ones and favorite recipes. Thus, resale kitchen remodels should focus primarily on quality and functionality. Steer clear of personal nuances!

This guide from our expert designers at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond should help you get the most resale value for your Fullerton, CA home.

Keep it Simple
Keeping a kitchen remodel design simple does not mean keeping it cheap or plain. Rather, it means to invite innovative growth into the future of the space. Choose neutral colors and versatile fixtures that blend into different styles. Countertops should not have busy patterns and cabinetry should make for a quiet, yet lovely, backdrop.

Consult the Professionals
Seek out kitchen must-haves according to a local real estate agent. He or she will know what’s hot in kitchens across Fullerton and the neighboring subdivisions. Additionally, our team here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond have significant experience in resale remodels. We would love to give you feedback on what has worked best for our clients.

Open Concept
If you have a closed-in kitchen, consider opening up your space by knocking out walls. Yes, this is an expense, but it is likely to be minimal in contrast to the monetary return you’ll get for the coveted open concept kitchen. Buyers love an open floorplan.

Tall Cabinets
Upgrading to tall cabinets ties into opening your kitchen space. Cabinets that reach the ceiling draw the eyes upward and create a striking aesthetic. The bigger the kitchen feels, the better.

Our eyes are designed to appreciate symmetry. That means keeping the kitchen wall cabinets the same size wherever possible and then selecting upgraded and complimentary light fixtures, knobs, pulls, and faucet(s). Pay attention to drawer size and placement as well. No one wants tiny, awkwardly placed drawers.

Is there anything worse than cooking or entertaining in a dimly light kitchen? Before you put your home on the market, add lighting everywhere: under-cabinet or in-cabinet lighting, recess lighting with dimmer switches, etc.

Add “WOW” Details
Choose one or two optional features to wow potential buyers. Here are a few ideas that have proven to add resale value to homes on the Fullerton market. Soft-close cabinets and drawers, pull-out pantries (around the fridge or next to the stove), and hidden outlets/charging stations. Any feature designed to make life easier is a top seller.

Still feel unsure of your kitchen remodel? Call us today and let’s get your kitchen resale-ready!

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