Kitchen Cabinets – What are The Options?

If your kitchen in Mission Viejo, CA is looking old and worn, the kitchen cabinets are more than likely the route cause. Cabinets take up more space than any other item in the kitchen. When the cabinets are out of style, they bring the whole room down. The good news is there are several options when it comes to remodeling kitchen cabinets in Mission Viejo, CA. Here are a few to consider:


When your kitchen cabinets are so old they are breaking down, or if they are not in the layout you want in order to function well in the space, replacing the kitchen cabinets is the best option. Replacing cabinets is expensive, but you can customize your space and get exactly what you want for the room. You can choose the style, size, layout, design, color, and everything in between.


If your cabinets function decently, but the doors and drawers look old and worn, refacing the cabinets is a great option to consider. Refacing entails getting new cabinet doors and drawers. You take off the old doors and drawers, cover the old frame material, and replace the doors and drawers with new ones. You can get something upgraded in style and have a whole new look at a much smaller cost than complete replacement.


Kitchen cabinets can bring the kitchen down because of their style, but that doesn’t mean you are ready to toss them and start over. If you like everything about the cabinets, try resurfacing them. That could be something as simple as a coat of paint or something as large as stripping the wood and restaining it. When you resurface the cabinets, you keep the doors, frames, and layout the same, but you get a whole new fresh look.

Replace the Hardware

It might surprise you how much change new hardware can bring to kitchen cabinets. If you have old, standard knobs, try upgrading to something fancier. Change the color or the style and see what a difference it makes in your space. It can bring a new style to the room and help you make changes on a budget.

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