Kitchen Cabinet Tips for Smaller Kitchen Spaces

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Owning a home in Laguna Beach with smaller kitchen space doesn’t mean you can’t have the kitchen of your dreams. Homeowners are learning how to utilize kitchen cabinets to design a kitchen space that is perfect for their cooking and lifestyle needs. Kitchen cabinets come in such a wide variety of sizes and styles, that they are the ideal option for customizing smaller kitchen spaces.

We have gathered together some tips to help you use kitchen cabinets to rid your kitchen of clutter and chaos. Remember, you should always complete all planning and research prior to purchasing kitchen cabinets or shelving for your home. Check out the following tips to see which cabinet options are right for you:

1)    Go Up Not Out

When working with a tight space, it is wise to install kitchen cabinets in a way that goes up rather than out. Use length as your primary tool; stacking cabinets on top of each other, leading directly up to the ceiling.

2)    Hide Appliances

Design cabinet space in a manner that allows you to tuck away appliances that would typically take up more room. Design enough space under sink cabinets to hide away trash bins, install wall cabinets with electrical outlets for microwaves and coffee makers and use small sized cabinets to create a kitchen island that does not take up too much walking space.

3)    Choose Shelving

Take the doors off of cabinets or just install traditional shelving. This will not only take up less space but will also allow you to design the lay out and height of each shelf in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

4)    Go for Glass

Glass doors on cabinets typically go into the cabinet and take up less space than wooden doors. You can also choose to install small lights into cabinets with glass doors, which will bring more light into the room and make it appear larger.  Other design options for doors that take up less space are metal, mesh, or chicken wire.

5)    Go Bright

Favor colors that are lighter to help open up the space. Colors like white, canary, or teal are perfect for cabinets and shelving, and creates a warmer atmosphere. Just remember to stick to one tone or if working with multiple colors choose ones that match rather than contrast. Contrasting colors make the room seem smaller.

6)    Use Island Space

If a large island is part of the problem, try using it to your advantage instead. Design cabinets within your island that are perfect for storing cookware. You can even create custom cutouts for appliances like your microwave or an extra sink.

Using the right spacing and cabinet sizes will add additional storage space to your kitchen, keeping items off of counters and allowing more space for you to work, cook, and entertain. If your kitchen size requires specially sized cabinets, try speaking with a licensed Laguna Beach kitchen remodeler at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond to learn more about customized kitchen cabinets.

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