Kitchen Cabinet Must-Haves For The Highly-Functional Home

For those of you who are the primary cooks, dishwashers, or bakers in the family, we can agree on this: functional cabinets and storage is an absolute must. Of course, we all want beautiful kitchens with high-quality, stunning cabinets and at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, that’s all you’ll find.

Now, having functional cabinetry laid out in the kitchen is no easy task. Most of us have experienced the confusing kitchen cabinet layout which seems indicative of apartment living. Likewise, many homeowners have moved into previously-owned homes with cabinets from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s which are, to put it nicely: ugly and outdated (not to mention cheap, in some instances).

We can help! The staff at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond specializes in recreating kitchens in the Yorba Linda, CA, area into sensible, lovely spaces with cabinets to match any style. Specifically, we want to create a high-functioning kitchen to suit your needs. Check out some of the operational-focused options you will find when you choose our highly trained installation team for your kitchen cabinet replacement project:

  • Pantry cabinet: are you currently moving jars and boxes just to see what’s hiding in the back of your pantry? Let’s change this! We can add sliding shelves for those hard-to-see items.
  • Hardware: many, many homes built in the late ‘80s through the mid-‘90s included cabinets without hardware—they had hidden notches and cut out ledges for pulling cabinets open. This was a cool trend while it lasted, but not very functional. Pulls and knobs not only make for easier operation, they also add character.
  • Various cabinet sizes: all who have a Dutch oven pot that won’t fit anywhere, say “aye!” Cabinets need to fit your So be sure to choose various sizes and options for storage. Is your Dutch oven hidden down the hall in a closet? Are you tired of your toaster sitting on the counter? Did your mother-in-law gift you an (unreturnable) industrial-sized blender? Let’s design cabinets to house all your belongings!
  • Islands with additional cabinets: if your kitchen has enough space for an island, this is an excellent option. The #1 complaint we hear from our clients prior to upgrading their cabinets is this: there isn’t enough storage and counter space. Adding an island addresses both concerns!
  • Extended/”vaulted” cabinets: the empty space above your current should be used. We all have items we take out only on special occasions—why not extend your cabinets to the ceiling and use that high-up places for your wedding China, your extra-large crockpot, and that industrial-sized blender from your mother-in-law…

A functional kitchen with sensible, usable cabinets is a desirable one. Come visit our showroom any day of the week to see examples of what our cabinets can do to elevate your kitchen from a confusing cooking space to an operational and beautiful domain. At Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond you will find the perfect kitchen cabinets in Yorba Linda, CA 

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