A lot goes into redesigning a kitchen…a lot of time, effort, and many decisions. There is so much to think about: price, material, style, hardware, size, configuration, color… It can very quickly become overwhelming! Here in Anaheim Hills, CA, where the hustle and bustle of everyday life becomes a blur, it is possible to reduce feeling overwhelmed with our home project if we break down remodeling into manageable pieces. And, in the spirit of sanity, the professionals here at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond have done this for you!

Let us begin with something simple: color. Most any cabinet can come in the color of your choice or in your preferred stain and wood option. What we want to concern ourselves with are the following “guiding” nuances:

  • Appliance color: Do you have black, white, gray, or some other color themed throughout your kitchen? We will want to consider this. For example, if you have a black range and microwave, you may not like how it contrasts with a light tan wood stain (or, you may!) Or, perhaps you were bold a few years back and selected red appliances (we applaud your choice!) you may love how that looks with cream-colored cabinets and dislike how it looks against a cherry finish. Make sense? The important part is that you do not have to replace appliances to upgrade your cabinets!
  • Room size: We have learned over the years that certain kitchen sizes and layouts do better with various hues. For example, if you have a smaller kitchen or a galley kitchen somewhat set apart from the rest of the home, darker color cabinetry will tend to “close-in” the overall space. In other words, smaller kitchens appear larger when the color choices are on the lighter end of the spectrum: light gray, white, cream, a clear finish on lighter woods, etc.
  • Floor and/or counter color: If you plan to upgrade the flooring and/or countertops in your kitchen, chances are you already know if you want light or dark colors. Or, if you aren’t planning to upgrade the floors or counters, then we know for certain what colors to complement or contrast! For example, dark countertops and white cabinets look great together and add depth to any kitchen. If you have hardwood floors, we know ahead of time that we will want to be selective in choosing wood cabinets so we don’t clash grains or colors by matching them too closely—contrast will be the goal!

We encourage you to go stand in your kitchen. Right now! Yes—really go stand in your kitchen and look around at your current cabinets and ask yourself: if I could only change the color of these cabinets to complete my kitchen remodel dreams—JUST THE COLOR—what would I choose?

The team at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond is your best resource for kitchen cabinets in Anaheim Hills, CA because we’ve spent years learning what works, what doesn’t, and how to co-design with our clients. We can’t wait to transform your kitchen with you! KCB also offers the following services to homeowners in Anaheim and surrounding cities:

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