Finding the Right Kitchen Cabinet Style for Your Home

Having new kitchen cabinets installed in your Costa Mesa home can be a fun and creative time. Drawing inspiration from magazines and Pinterest boards make it easy to come up with new and fun ideas for your kitchen. However, while a new kitchen trend can look stunning, it’s important that it matches the overall personality of your family and home. Remember, purchasing new cabinets is the time to complement your kitchen’s design, not clash with it (unless you’re planning a complete remodel). To find the kitchen cabinets that go best with your interior design, we have put together a short list of some popular materials and styles.

Kitchen Cabinet Materials: concrete, glass, metal or plastic

Perfect for: Modern Style Kitchens

If your kitchen favors a sleek and minimalistic design, it’s best to incorporate kitchen cabinets with clean lines and bold colors. Modern/contemporary kitchens work best with hard concrete, tempered glass, metal, or bright colored plastic. Consider the amount of metal appliances and marble in your kitchen to decide if your cabinets should be more industrial or colorful. It’s important to maintain some balance in modern kitchens so it comes off as chic rather than cold.

Kitchen Cabinet Materials:  pine, cherry, oak, maple and hickory

Perfect for: Rustic Style Kitchens

Rustic country style kitchens use materials that look as natural as possible, even hosting imperfections like knots and wood grains. Most homeowners going for a rustic feel take the farmhouse approach, which can even involve incorporating chicken wire into cabinetry for a more authentic feel. It’s important that your rustic kitchen uses colors that have a warm and natural feel like yellows or blues in soft hues. Try to avoid any glossy finishes for rustic style cabinets and stick to a more rugged or matte look instead.

Kitchen Cabinet Materials: glass, wood, ornate iron, bronze, copper and brass

Perfect for: Tuscan Style Kitchens

If you’re looking to bring a touch of Tuscan flair to your kitchen, try going for deep colored wooden cabinets complemented with iron, bronze, copper or brass embellishments. Tuscan kitchens usually incorporate Italian tile that goes beautifully with warm red colored cabinets. The use of glass paneled doors is also a popular touch while trying to create the perfect villa kitchen space.

With so many materials and styles to choose from, it’s never been easier to find the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home. We recommend assessing your interior design goals prior to purchasing your cabinets. If you have never chosen a set style for your kitchen space, now is the perfect time to do so since your new kitchen cabinets can really tie the whole look together. If you need some assistance in selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets remodeling Laguna Nigel, CA for your home, we suggest speaking with a kitchen cabinets expert. At Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond our team prides itself on the ability to deliver quality customer service and an excellent cabinet selection. If you would like to speak with one of our professionals today and receive a free quote give us a call at 714-630-0477 or visit us in person at 2910 E La Palma Ave Ste B Anaheim, CA 92806.

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