What to Ask Yourself before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Yorba Linda - Kitchen Remodeling

Yorba Linda homeowners are diving into creating the perfect cooking space for their home. While the process of creating a dream kitchen can be a fun and exciting process, there are specific questions you should ask yourself before you start your Yorba Linda kitchen remodeling project.

Remember, as pretty as those glossy magazine photos may be, there is no telling how functional certain design elements are until you have done your homework. Take your time with the process, and be sure to only add in elements that are a right fit for you.

1)    What will be the Primary Function of My Kitchen?

While this may seem like an obvious answer, cooking is not always the primary activity in a kitchen. Some people choose to use it as a second office space, an area for the kids to do homework, a place to entertain, and yes…even to cook.

Not only consider what you will be doing but how you would like to do it. Want to make sure the kids are doing their homework while you’re cooking? Then you should probably consider using a large island. Do you prefer cooking in privacy? Creating an outer kitchen bar or separating doors may be the answer. Perhaps you just need a place to sit with your computer and send a few emails? Consider adding a “cut in” work space to easily fit electronics like laptops and printers.

2)    Who will be sharing the kitchen space?

If your kitchen has a constant flow of kids, pets, and your spouse running through it then you may not want to clutter your space with unnecessary furniture. Favor cabinets and islands that give you more space to move freely. Design a solid workstation away from stove tops and refrigerators to prevent kitchen traffic jams.

Also, take into consideration if you have any small hands running about. If so, you may want to design a kitchen with higher counter space to keep sharp and electrical objects out of the reach of children.

 3)    What types of food do you eat?

Fresh items need a completely different kind of storage than packaged items. If you do a large amount of baking or cooking from packaged items, it would be wise to consider installing a pantry or a rotating cabinet system to allow for more space in hidden spaces. If you purchase mostly fresh items that should be kept at room temperature, then adding additional shelves and counter space can help prevent clutter from occurring.

4)    How much do you want on display?

Do you like the idea of an open bar or a coffee station? If so, you should lean towards design that favors an open, yet hidden, set up. Consider large glass faced cabinets and extra work stations that can easily hold cocktail glasses or coffee makers.

These questions will create a strong starting point in your kitchen remodeling journey. Contact Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond. We can help you work through the functionality and design of your new kitchen.

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