8 Kitchen Trends in Laguna Beach That Are Here To Stay

The kitchen is the most important, life-giving, central room in the home. Homeowners and homebuyers in the Laguna Beach area know an updated kitchen raises a home’s value in more ways than one. Who doesn’t want a beautiful kitchen?

At Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, we have the skill and experience to renovate your entire kitchen in the exact way you have always dreamed. We take our trade very seriously because we know how important the kitchen is to your family! It is your gathering place, the backdrop to your treasured memories, and the creation center for recipes to all your favorite meals. It should be perfect.

So, what are the hottest, most long-lasting kitchen trends these days? Our team has done its research. Check out these eight GORGEOUS trends for your pending kitchen remodel in Laguna Beach, CA!

  1. Restaurant-inspired conveniences
    Many homeowners want high-powered and extended faucets with attachments, oversized sinks, and extra range-top spaces. Why not? This trend has been popularized by chefs-hosted reality shows. Thank you, Bobby Flay!
  2. Open shelving
    As seen on R.I.E.N.D.S. (and HGTV). Open shelves and storage spaces are a light and open-minded touch for the kitchen. Display your everyday dishes, pans, and collections as your kitchen décor. This trend is all about function.
  3. Custom kitchen storage
    Ever wish you could hide all the clutter and make your appliances disappear from your kitchen? Ask our team about customizing features like rollaway shelves, pullout spice racks and garbage bins, drawers for dish stacking, built-in Lazy Susans, hidden dishwashers, and tuck-away pantries!
  4. Pendant lighting
    These make a statement and have become very popular in the majority of our kitchen renovation projects. Pendant lighting draws attention and creates or accentuates high ceilings.
  5. Light or white cabinets
    This is not to say darker cabinetry is out (it’s not!), but lighter cabinets have become popular for their ability to enlarge and brighten the mood of a space. Especially in a galley or closed-off kitchens with poor lighting, lighter colors will combat that “dungeon” feel.
  6. Gray is the new black
    Everywhere gray. And we love it! Gray can take on and back up any décor and design aesthetic elegantly.
  7. Bright or ornate backsplashes
    Can’t let go of that one color you’ve always wanted in your kitchen? Incorporate it into a tile or stone backsplash for a beautiful accent.
  8. Butcher block counter
    This has been around for at least a decade and is as beautiful as it is functional for meal prepping—especially for those large dinner parties or family gathering. Sometimes, a simple cutting board just won’t do!

You want a beautiful kitchen and we want you to have it! Give our team at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond a call and let’s discuss your favorite kitchen trends and how we can work together. We look forward to earning your business!

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